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Maximum flexibility!
Great rates!

We are a group fitness gym with high-quality small equipment and the best qualified trainers. For your greatest possible training progress, our focus is on coaching in small groups of a maximum of 10 participants. Depending on how often you want to train and what your fitness goals are, our FlexFit price packages or the 10 card are worthwhile

Decide flexibly which training you want to do!

Looking for individual booking options? No problem, order any group workout for €14

  • 10er Karte Group Fitness

    Ideal für regelmäßig Trainierende
    Valid for 6 months
    • 10x Workouts Deiner Wahl
    • Optimales Coaching in kleinen, sympathischen Gruppen
    • Maximale Flexibilität
  • Personal Training

    Einzelstunde / Single lesson
    Valid for one month
    • Personal Training

      Kennenlernpaket / Get to know us
      Valid for 6 weeks
      Personal Training Preise
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