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Body&Soul Fitness

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We cultivate a unique environment that focuses on holistic fitness and overall health

You are our focus

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This is what I have been looking for a long time: muscle training from head to toe to compensate for poor posture. Additionally, she is a trainer who motivates you with her enthusiasm and cheerful nature.

Daniela R


Strength and Endurance

Our specially developed fitness programs will burn calories, boost your metabolism and improve your general health. Our specialty exercises will get you into tip-top shape.

Power and Coordination

Health and fitness is not just about how your body looks, it's also about how you feel! Whether you want to work on physical "weak points" or tone muscles, our program will help you improve your health and will make you feel great. You'll see results in no time.

Fat Burn and Endurance

With Tabata, Step, and HIIT, you increase your general performance and burn body fat - with lots of fun upbeat rhythms. This makes sports fun! 

Stretch and Relax

Relax and just let go! Regardless of whether your muscles are tense due to working at a desk or too little physical activity, we would like to offer you and your body targeted stretching and relaxation training for the body and soul.

Personal training

You are our focus. Together we focus on your body and your physical ‘’week points.’’ Treat yourself to workout sessions specially tailored to you. You're worth it!

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