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This post is all about "The Plank". The plank is considered an all-around full body exercise. Not only is it great exercise for multiple muscle groups an toning your abdomen, but it also offers numerous health benefits when executed directly

(Video Translation: In this video we are discussing how to properly do a plank exercise. First place your arms directly under your shoulders and knees two palm lengths, about 8 inches, behind your hips. Your legs should be the width of your hips. Direct your toes to the end of the mat and place weight on your toe pads. Rotate your elbows outward and tighten your core. Hold this position)

Planking stärkt den gesamten Körper und sorgt für eine flache Körpermitte. Doch bei der Ausführung begeht man schnell einen der folgenden Fehler:

When planking correctly, it strengthened the entire body and ensures a flat core. It is easy to make the following mistakes:
Image: Planks Do’s & Don’ts

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